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仇浩 (Qiu Hao)
仇浩 (Qiu Hao) 特别研究员

办公室电话:Appointment via email
办公地点:Environment Building, NO. 800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai


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Research Lines:
(1) Speciation, transformation, bioavailability, and toxicity of trace metals;
(2) Fate and ecotoxicology of emerging chemicals (nanoparticles & rare earth elements) in soil environment;
(3) Biogeochemistry cycle of trace elements;
(4) Development of soil remediation strategies on a regional or site-specific basis.

We all depend on soil for a wide diversity of ecosystem services, for the production of food and water (provisioning), for the control of climate and disease (regulating), for global elemental cycles (supporting), and for spiritual and recreational benefits (cultural). But unfortunately soil is a fragile resource. Anthropogenic activities are increasingly causing soil degradation and decline in biodiversity which in turn threatens to diminish the capacity of the earth to sustain us. Often soil can become contaminated with trace elements due to either accidental or deliberate release. My research interests center around the behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects of trace elements in the soil environment, with a view to improve ecological risk assessment and remediation of contaminated soils. To develop a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the environmental processes and impact of trace elements, I perform laboratory experiments, conduct field studies, and apply modeling to test ideas and hypotheses.



2010 - 2014: Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Leiden University, the Netherlands
2008 - 2010: M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, CN
2004 - 2008: B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, CN


Wen-Jun Yang, Keng-Bo Ding, Peng Zhang, Hao Qiu*, Christophe Cloquet, Han-Jie Wen, Jean-Louis Morel, Rong-Liang Qiu, Ye-Tao Tang*. Cadmium stable isotope variation in a mountain area impacted by acid mine drainage, Science of the Total Environment, 2018, in press.
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仇浩,上海交通大学环境科学与工程学院,特别研究员/长聘轨副教授(绿色通道人才引进计划)、博士生导师。2014年博士毕业于荷兰莱顿大学(泰晤士全球高校排名第67位),2015至2016于比利时鲁汶大学(泰晤士全球高校排名第47位)水土管理系任职博士后研究员,2017年入职上海交通大学,2018年起兼任上海污染控制与生态安全研究院(上海市环境与生态IV类高峰学科)特聘研究员。上海市污染地块土壤和地下水调查评估、治理修复项目评审专家库专家。主要从事污染土壤物理-化学-生物修复技术及风险评估与环境质量标准体系研究。承担国家自然科学基金、国家重点研发计划、农业部产地环境污染防控重点实验室开放基金重点项目、广东省污染土壤控制与修复技术重点实验室开放基金重点项目等多个项目。开展了重金属及有机物污染土壤植物修复、化学淋洗修复、在产及搬迁企业地块风险排查及详查等多项示范工程研究。目前已在本领域国际顶尖期刊及主流期刊发表SCI论文20多篇,其中第一作者及通讯作者13篇;发表中文核心期刊论文5篇;撰写英文专著1部;研究论文被国内外学术刊物总引用400余次。获授权国家发明专利2项;获荷兰皇家化学学会(KNCV)最佳博士论文提名(排名第五);获荷兰莱顿大学最佳学术论文奖(2014);作为优秀博士生代表在莱顿大学“每周探索”栏目作全校性公开学术演讲(2014);获比利时国际优秀青年科研人员(博士后)项目资助(2015);获国际生态毒理与化学学会(SETAC)资助参加青年环境学者论坛(2011,波兰)。受邀在国际会议上作口头报告20余次。担任多个环境领域国际著名SCI期刊审稿人,包括Environ. Sci. Technol., J. Hazard. Mater.等。同时担任国内核心期刊《农业环境科学学报》、《农业资源与环境学报》特邀审稿专家。


[1] 国家自然科学基金-青年科学基金项目:基于生物有效性的土壤重金属复合污染毒性机制及预测模型研究(No. 41701571),2018.01-2020.12,项目负责人
[2] 国家自然科学基金-面上项目:纳米稀土CeO2在土壤-动物体系中的形态转化、累积分布及毒性作用机制(No. 41877500),2019.01-2022.12,项目负责人
[3] 国家重点研发计划:华南镉铅污染农田修复与安全利用技术示范-农田周边矿业废弃地源头控制和生态修复技术集成与示范(No. 2018YFD0800700),2018.07-2020.12,子课题负责人
[4] 农业部产地环境污染防控重点实验室-开放基金重点项目:产地土壤重金属复合毒性作用机制及模型研究(No. 17Z1170010019),2017.07-2020.06,项目负责人
[5] 广东省土壤污染控制与修复技术重点实验室-开放基金重点项目:金属基纳米颗粒在土壤中的迁移转化及数值模拟(No. 2018K01),2018.01-2020.12,项目负责人
[6] 比利时联邦科学政策中心(BELSPO)-国际青年科研人员项目:Development of bioavailability-based models for rationalizing and reconciling laboratory and field determinations of uptake and toxicity of metal mixtures(No. 3E150127),2015.02-2016.08,项目负责人,已结题

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