Undergraduate Programs

There are two departments in School of Environmental Science and Engineering- Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering, eight research institutes-Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Research Institute, Ecology and Subsurface Environment Research Institute, Environmental Science and Technology Application Management Institute, Ecological and Environmental Materials Research Institute, Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Institute, Water Pollution Control Design Institute, Environmental Assessment Research Institute, two research centers – Rivers and Lakes Environmental Engineering Center, Modern Environmental Protection Equipment Center and one public service platform-Center Laboratory of Environmental Science and Engineering.

The school has 68 personnel with 54 faculties, including 17 professors, 3 research scientists and 26 associate professors. More than 95% of the faculties have doctorate degrees and more than 50% have overseas experiences of study or work. Currently, the school has 1 accredited professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, 3 recipients of “New Century Talents” and 1 recipient of “100 Talents Program of The Chinese Academy of Sciences”.

The school recruits about 60 undergraduate students, 50 master degree candidates and 20 doctoral degree candidates each year. There are nearly 500 students currently enrolled in School of Environmental Science and Engineering. With the approval by the Ministry of Education in 2004, the school has become the first one to establish the major of Environmental Science and Engineering in China. Under the tradition of “high starting point, solid foundation, strict requirements and keen on practice and innovation”, and in the spirit of “general, innovative, practical and quality-focused education”, School of Environmental Science and Engineering cultivates all-around developed students with morality, intelligence and physique. The graduates not only have knowledge, ability and character, but also have international perspective and innovative thinking, practical spirit and leadership talents. Most of the graduates are now engaged in environmental field in well-known domestic research institutes, colleges and universities as well as some key enterprises. Also, quite a few further their study in some of the top universities worldwide.

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