No.30 Environmental Forum:Recent uranium research of Trent University

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No.30 Environmental Forum

Title:Recent uranium research of Trent University

Lecturer:Robert Douglas Evans

Time:April 6, 2016(Wensday) 10:00-11:20

Venue:Lecture Hall of SESE

Liaison:GENG Yong     



Uranium is found in elevated concentrations in aquatic environments in proximity to U mining sites.  The reduced form of uranium (U(IV)) is generally considered to be insoluble.  Consequently a primary means of controlling U distribution in aquatic systems is to use anoxic environments as disposal sites.  Data will be presented on two lakes that have high concentrations of historical U contamination.  The sediments of these lakes are anoxic yet high concentrations of soluble U are found in the pore waters.  U isotope ratios have been used to develop an explanation for the observations.  A model that has been developed to explain U binding will also be discussed.

Introduction of the Lecturer:

Dr. Evans is a professor of environmental chemistry in the School of the Environmental at Trent. He has been at Trent for 36 years.  For several years he was the Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Vice President.  He was the founding Director of the Trent Water Quality Centre.  He has taught graduate courses in isotope geology and aquatic geochemistry.  He has worked extensively in the area of Hg fate and distribution aquatic systems and piscivorous mammals and was among the first to identify the natural fractionation of Hg isotopes in the environment.  In addition to work on Hg isotopes, Evans has extensive expertise in the measurement of other environmentally-relevant heavy element isotope systems including uranium and zinc.

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