No.28 Environmental Forum:Rethinking your Supply Chain for the Circular Economy

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Title:Rethinking your Supply Chain for the Circular Economy

Lecturer:Joseph Sarkis

Time:Dec.31, 2015(Thursday) 13:30-14:30

Venue:Lecture Hall of SESE

Liaison:GENG Yong       

Introduction of the Lecturer:

Professor Joseph Sarkis is the head of School of Business, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His research on environmental sustainability focuses on concerns of the social and environmental footprints of industry and business. Professor Joseph Sarkis address these complex issues from the perspectives of individuals, groups, organizations, and supply chains.  Professor Joseph Sarkis have completed research to find out what types of leadership and motivation can support pro-environmental behavior in work places.  Questions on what motivates organizations to “green” themselves and their supply chains, not only in Western society, but in China, Brazil, and Russia are investigated in his studies.  The role of ecological modernization and technology in a sustainable world underpins a significant portion of my research. Developing tools, frameworks, and models to help managers and organizations make difficult and complex decisions on sustainability is an important aspect of his research work.

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