No.26 Environmental Forum

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Title:An introduction to the research core of excellence at the Department of Building (National University of Singapore), with a focus on life cycle assessment

Lecturer:Kua Harn Wei

Time:Nov. 17, 2015(Tuesday) 13:30-15:00

Venue:Lecture Hall of SESE

Liaison:GENG Yong       



The Department of Building of the National University of Singapore has been an important creator and contributor of knowledge on various aspects of buildings and the construction industry. This talk aims to share the core research areas of the Department, which are related to building productivity, procurement, energy efficiency and sustainable buildings. The speaker will also share his latest research results in the field of life cycle assessment of different types of building materials, as well as the latest development in the ongoing international discourse on the future of life cycle assessment.


Introduction of the Lecturer:

Associate Professor Kua Harn Wei is the current Deputy Head (Research) of the Department of Building, School of Design & Environment, National University of Singapore. His research interest lies in the fields of sustainability assessment of building materials, and applying lessons from these assessments to design policies that promote sustainability in the creation and application of building materials. He also enjoys making friends within the field of industrial ecology and beyond.

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