[Nov.04]No.25 Environmental Forum

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Title:Predicting national sustainability: The convergence of energetic, economic and environmental realities

Lecturer:Mark T. Brown

Time:Nov. 4, 2015(Wesday) 13:30-15:00

Venue:Room B-207,Environmental Science Building

Liaison:GENG Yong       



Introduction of the Lecturer:

Dr. Mark T. Brown is professor of Environmental Engineering Sciences, and directs the programs in Systems Ecology and Ecological Engineering. Prof. Mark T. Brown is also the director of the Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) at the University of Floride. The CEP stresses the science and policy surrounding developing sustainable patterns of humanity and environment.

Prof. Mark T. Brown’s research has centered on three areas that can be broadly described as natural resource management, including systems ecology, ecological engineering, ecological economics, environmental planning, environmental policy, and wetlands ecology. Prof. Mark T. Brown has served as consultant on environmental issues to the EPA, USAID, Governments of Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela, and numerous private consulting firms worldwide. For six years Prof. Mark T. Brown has been consulting ecologist to The Cousteau Society working with their research teams to develop appropriate solutions to a wide array of resource management problems that affect marine resources throughout the world.

The current research of Prof. Mark T. Brown includes projects to develop ecological indicators of wetland ecosystem health, development of indices of success for restored wetlands, restoration of drastically altered landscapes, quantitative evaluation of natural capital and environmental services, and most recently incorporation of emergy into Life Cycle Assessment software for the USEPA.

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