Two-dimensional Metal Oxide Semiconductors for Photocatalytic Applications

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Time:13:30 Nov 21, Tuesday, 2017  

Venue: SESE Lecture Hall

Speaker: Dr. Songling Wang


Environmental pollution has become a serious issue of international concern today. By utilizing solar energy, photocatalysis as one effective approach to address this issue has been extensively investigated for the fascinating applications in pollution remediation, chemical synthesis, and energy innovation. Developing photocatalysts is one important strategy to promote solar light harvesting and photocatalytic efficiency. The study of two-dimensional (2-D) materials is a bourgeoning field of research with wide applications ranging from electronics to energy storage, owing to their low-dimensional nature and unprecedented properties. In this talk, the solvent-engineering fabrication and properties of 2-D metal oxides (MOs) semiconductors and 2-D heteromaterials will be covered. The photocatalytic applications of these 2-D MOs, including water purification for sustainable environment and water splitting for clean energy (H2) generation will also be discussed.

Resume briefing

Dr. Song Ling Wang is now a postdoctoral fellow in Department of Chemistry at National University of Singapore. In Jul. 2011, she joined the laboratory of Professor Micheal K. H. Leung at City University of Hong Kong as Research Assistant. In Jan. 2013, she moved to Singapore and worked as Research associate in Nanyang Technological University. In Aug. 2013, she pursued her Ph.D. study in Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Guoqin Xu at National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research interests focus on photocatalysis in environmental and clean energy areas.


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