University College Cork Visitors at SESE

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On July 14th, Prof. Paul Giller, Vice President of University College Cork (UCC), Prof. Gavin Burnell, Vice Head of the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) at UCC, and Dr. Huang Haibo, Head of Shanghai Office, visited SESE, and were received by Prof. Geng Yong, Dean of SESE, and Chen Yue, Director Assistant of SJTU Division of International Cooperation and Exchange.


After extending a warm welcome to the guests, Geng Yong briefly introduced SESE and expressed his hope that the two parties could conduct cooperation in environment talents cultivation and scientific research. Visitors from UCC highly agreed with Geng Yong’s proposals and introduced BEES to their counterparts.

The ensued discussion was mainly focused on ways and aspects of how the two parties could work together for common goals. A preliminary agreement on collaborative talent training and scientific research in areas like ecological assessment was thus formed, and the Shanghai Office would see to its follow-up.      

UCC was established in 1845 as one of three Queen’s Colleges. It was the first third level education institute in the world to receive the Green Campus award and in 2013 was the first to renew its Green Flag status. UCC is also currently second in the world ranking (for two years in a row) in the Greenmetric World University Ranking which compares the efforts of universities towards campus sustainability and environment friendly university management. The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) comprises diverse specialties covering marine, terrestrial and fresh water environments.

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