SESE 2015 Postgraduate Academic Forum Held Successfully

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On May 13th, SESE 2015 Postgraduate Academic Forum was successfully held. The event was chaired by Prof. Cao Xinde, Vice Dean of SESE. Prof. Geng Yong, Dean of SESE, made opening remarks, and invited guest Gao Bin, Associate Prof. of the University of Florida and Visiting Prof. of SJTU, delivered a keynote speech. Among the more than a hundred attendees in the packed auditorium were SESE Party Secretary Prof. Shan Aidang, Vice Dean Prof. Xu Zhenming, Prof. Yan Naiqiang, Prof. Shao Jiahui, Prof. He Shengbing, Prof. Huo Zhibao, Prof. Zhao Yixin, all members of the forum’s Academic and Accreditation Advisory Committee.




oral undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral reporters took turn to stand on the stage and make presentations based on their academic study and current environmental issues. New ideas continued to come streaming out during the comments and Q&A session. Presentations in fluent English by several students also highlighted this occasion.


the poster display session in the afternoon, 16 reporters stood by their elaborately made posters and interacted with judges and fellow students.


Eventually, 8 students came to the fore. Among them, Wang Ruixue (doctoral candidate of Class 2012) won the first prize in oral presentation, Jiang Yiqun (undergraduate student of class 2010), Xu Xiaoyun (doctoral candidate of Class 2011) and Yu Bao (doctoral candidate of Class 2014) won the second prize in oral presentation, and Wang Jianbo (doctoral candidate of Class 2013) won the first prize in poster display, Ji Ang (graduate student of class 2014), Sima Jingke (doctoral candidate of Class 2012), Yang Fan (doctoral candidate of Class 2013) won the second prize in poster display.



This event has further activated academic atmosphere at SESE, promoted the blending of different research directions, and greatly exercised the academic presentation skills of students.


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