Visitors from Jiangsu Province Visited SESE

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On the afternoon of May 7th, Gaobin, Deputy Magistrate of Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, visited SESE and exchanged experiences in matters concerning environmental protection and energy conservation. SESE faculty including Vice Dean Prof. Xu Zhenming, leaders from Hai’an County’s Federation of Industry and Commerce, Science and Technology Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau, and company representatives attended the meeting. Besides, Dai Zhihua, Director of the Scientific Research Office of SJTU ME, and Dr. Zhang Shiwei from the Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute of SJTU also showed up for this event. 


Xu Zhenming chaired the meeting and extended a warm welcome to the visitors. He introduced the overall situation of SESE and hoped that the exchange would help strengthen the technical cooperation between the two parties. Gao Bin thanked the hospitality and said that the further development of Hai’an County was inseparable from technological innovation where SESE could paly a huge part. Later on, company representatives conducted exchanges with SJTU professors concerning problems like sewage disposal and smoke and ash emissions purification.


The heated discussion led to the formation of a preliminary scientific cooperation agreement which would serve to boost the transformation and application of university research.


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