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Professor, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars

Dean of SESE

Responsibilities: Discipline Construction; International Cooperation; Teaching Staff Construction

Contact: SESE-B201        Tele: 021-54748019   Email: ygeng@sjtu.edu.cn



JI Shaoling

Associate Professor

Secretary of CPC School Committee

Contact: SESE-B203        Tele: 021-54747556   Email: slji@sjtu.edu.cn



XU Zhenming


Vice Dean of SESE

Responsibilities: Scientific Research; Industry-Academia Cooperation;

Contact: SESE-120        Tele: 021-54747495   Email: zmxu@sjtu.edu.cn



CAO Xinde


Vice Dean of SESE

Responsibilities: Undergraduate and Graduate Education; Student Recruitment

Contact: SESE-B106        Tele: 021-54747464   Email: xdcao@sjtu.edu.cn



YAN Naiqiang


Vice Dean of SESE

Responsibilities: Discipline Construction; Laboratory Construction; Campus Safety

Contact: SESE-B104        Tele: 021-54745591   Email: nqyan@sjtu.edu.cn


HU Weiwei

Responsibilities: Faculty and staff recruitment and promotion; Party organization's affairs

Contact: SESE-B205        Tele: 021-54747465   Email: xlzhu@sjtu.edu.cn



Responsibilities: Students related affairs

Contact: SESE-B101        Tele: 021-54747463   Email: gaolei@sjtu.edu.cn


LI Jia

Associate Professor

Dean Assistant

Responsibilities: Discipline Construction; International Cooperation

Contact: SESE-121        Tele: 021-54741065   Email: weee@sjtu.edu.cn




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