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Organization structure

 Joint Meeting of Party and Administration


 Faculty Meeting
 Academic Affairs Committee

 Academic Degree Evaluation Committee

 Teaching Affairs Committee 

 ① *Research Institute (* Non-entity organization)

Rivers and Lakes Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center

Modern Environmental Protection Equipment Center

Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute   

Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Research Institute

Ecology and Subsurface Environment Research Institute

Environmental Science and Technology Application Management Institute 

Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Institute

Ecological and Environmental Materials Research Institute

Water Pollution Control Design Institute

Environmental Assessment Research Institute

Carbon Cycle Research Institute  

Air Pollution Control Research Institute

Site Contamination Remediation Research Institute  

 ② Research Area

Water Pollution Control and Environmental Modeling in River Basin

Air Pollution Control and Regional Air Quality Modeling

Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Recovery

Soil and Underground-water Reclamation

Environmental Functional Materials

Resource and environmental management and climate change mitigation

Clean and Renewable Energy

 ③ Public Instruments Platform

Center Laboratory

Environment Science Teaching Lab

Water Treatment and Recycling Teaching Lab

Air Pollution Control Lab

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Lab

Noise Control Lab

 ④ Administration

General Administration Office

Academic Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office

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