Following SJTU’s education traditions of “higher starting point, solid foundation, strict requirements, foci on practice, and pursuing innovation”, tracing international frontiers and addressing the needs of China’s national strategies on environmental protection and sustainable development, SESE expand close cooperation with the international famous universities and create the ways to introducing outstanding teachers. SESE keep an eye on the latest research results of the world through joint research programs and international conference or workshop, and facilitate the internationalization of Graduate Education with dual master degree program. With the establishment of joint international research base, SESE develop close and substantive cooperation to enhance the capacity of solving environmental problems in China.


Cooperation with Top Universities

In past three years, SESE sets the University of Edinburgh (UoE) as the strategic development objective. SESE signed Memorandum of Understanding in Scientific Research and Education with UoE in 2015. Vice president of UoE, scientific delegation from Geoscience of UoE visited SESE in 2016. Meanwhile, President Zhang, vice president Xu, vice president Huang of SJTU, and Dean of SESE visited UoE several times this year to enhance the cooperation in research and education between two Universities. Both Unis are agreeing to conduct joint-degree master program in carbon finance first, and then found the Sino-UK Low Carbon College in Shanghai.


In 2017, SESE will promote Sino-UK Low Carbon College with University of Edinburgh, Imperial College of London, and University of College of London in Lingang Area. Establish dual master degree with these three partners and recruit students in 2017. Second, advancing the scientific cooperation with National University of Singapore, SESE will try to realize the connection of the scientific results and the requirements of Shanghai City.


In North America, SESE have discussed and revised the MOU with University of Waterloo which is helping in establishing full-scale cooperation. The ex-vice principle of the University of Waterloo, The Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, Bruce Mitchell visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and SESE’s project at Erhai Lake, and has been engaged as Advisory Professor of SJTU. In addition, SESE joins the International Institute of Environment Studies, which consists of 18 universities around the world. In Asia, SESE has signed MOU with National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, which will establish closer and long-term relations and strengthen cooperation between SESE and NIES.



International Research Collaboration

CREATE (Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise) program with National University of Singapore (NUS) is progressing well. SESE has undertaken one sub-topic of “Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities (E2S2)” which focuses on challenges of emerging contaminants on environmental sustainability in megacities, and has yielded fruitful results. Through the successful collaboration, SESE signed MOU with NUS Environmental Research Institute to explore further cooperation and collaboration in various aspects. On this basis, NUS-SJTU Joint Research Centre for Environmental and Water was set up.


International Reputation

Zero wastewater discharge technology for palm oil industry developed by SESE’s Team of Water Quality Control and Cycle had been awarded “2015 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards” in April, 2015. In June, the team leader, Professor Zhang Zhenjia was interviewed by International Business Review and become the cover figure of its Southeast Asia Volume 1. In October, the result had been shortlisted for the Palm Oil Industry Award 2015 and also the Sustainable Technology Award 2015 by IChemE Malaysia Awards 2015. On behalf of the project and the group, Professor Zhang Zhenjia received the award “International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2015” by the European Society for Quality Research in Vienna on December 9, 2015.


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