21 Projects Approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

2021-08-20 353

Recently, the list of 2021 funding projects was released by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  A total of 21 SESE projects were on the list, including 2 Excellent Youth Science Foundation projects, 11 General projects and 7 Youth Science Foundation projects. In addition, an international cooperation project in 2020 was also approved this year.

The 21 approved projects are distributed in many scientific departments such as Chemistry, Geoscience, Engineering and Materials, which fully reflects the interdisciplinary nature of environmental disciplines.

SESE has always attached great importance to the application of NSFC. It holds mobilization meetings and seminars every year to strengthen overall planning and improve the application level through a series of forms such as expert lectures and individual counseling. In recent years, the number and quality of funded projects have maintained a stable upward trend, and important projects have made breakthroughs.