Recruitment Notice

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is one of the key universities with the longest history in China, enjoying great prestige at home and abroad. It is located in Shanghai, one of the most dynamic international metropolises with the most perfect governance system. The history of its environmental discipline can be traced back to municipal engineering in 1928, which fostered a number of outstanding alumni, including Gu Kangle, Ven Te Chow, Gu Xiasheng, Hu Jiajun and Xu Xiaobai. School of Environmental Science and Engineering was established in September 1999, and was awarded the first-level discipline doctoral program in 2003. Relying on the discipline foundation in engineering, management and medicine, it has achieved unique advantages in domestic environmental science through 20-plus years of rapid development and has acquired marvelous influence in the field of international environmental science and engineering. "Environmental Science" ranks among the top 100 in the 2020 QS ranking.

At present, the college has developed distinctive research directions, such as water pollution control and remediation in basins, atmospheric science and regional pollution control, solid waste treatment and recycling, soil and groundwater pollution remediation, environmental functional materials, resource and environmental management and climate change treatment, environment and sustainable energy, ecological toxicology and environmental health. Besides, it has undertaken many major projects and key research and development plans, such as "water special project", "atmosphere special project", "soil special project" and "solid waste special project", as well as major and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The research achievements have won more than ten provincial and ministerial scientific technological awards such as the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Yunnan Province and the first prize of technological invention in the Ministry of Education. More than 800 papers have been published in high-level journals such as Nature, Science, PNAS, JACS, ES&T. The college has therefore been approved to establish multiple provincial and ministerial platforms, including Shanghai Solid Waste Treatment and Recycling Research Center, Erhai Lake Ecosystem Education Field Scientific Observation and Research Station, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Environmental Big Data and Intelligent Decision-making and other.

Recruitment Direction

• Recruitment disciplines: environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental management

• Key recruitment directions (including but not limited to):

• Environment and health

• Marine environmental science

• Resource and environment management and climate change treatment

• Solid waste treatment and recycling (Shanghai Solid Waste Engineering Research Center)

• Environmental ecology (Field Scientific Observation and Research Station Affiliated to Ministry of Education of Yunnan Erhai Lake Ecosystem)

• Environmental Big Data (Shanghai Key Laboratory of Environmental Big Data and Intelligent Decision-making)


• Chair Professor/Distinguished Professor/Tenure Track Professor/Tenure Track Associate Professor

• Scientific research personnel (assistant researcher)

• Post-doctor


Chair Professor/Distinguished Professor/Tenure Track Professor

(1) Being a full professor in a world-class university or discipline, or winning important awards and talent programs at home and abroad.

(2) Achieving widely recognized research results in related fields.

(3) Enjoying profound international influence in related fields.

Tenure Track Associate Professor

(1) not exceeding 40 years old in principle, which may be optional to extremely outstanding ones.

(2) Having obtained a doctoral degree in a world-class university, first-class discipline or scientific research institution, and having more than three years of working experience in related fields.

(3) Having passion for China's higher education; good moral character and strict study style; good language expression ability and potential for teaching and educating people; and being able to lecture courses and guide doctoral students.

Scientific research personnel (assistant researcher)

(1) Doctor's degree.

(2) Understanding the development trend of this discipline, mastering solid and systematic professional basic theories and research methods, and having the potential to become excellent teachers.

(3) Possessing strong scientific research ability and having achieved certain research results.


(1) No more than 35 years old.

(2) Having obtained a doctoral degree for no more than three years.

(3) Showing good academic research ability and potential, and having the ability to independently carry out academic research.

Note: Excellent postdoctoral fellows can apply directly for the position of tenure track professors after serving three years.

Salary, Benefits and Treatment Support

(1) Competitive remuneration packages, adequate research start-up funds and housing allowances.

(2) Fully decorated transitional talent apartments at preferential market prices.

(3) Many affiliated hospitals rich in medical resources, providing good medical security.

(4) High-quality educational resources in kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools affiliated to SJTU.

Application Material

Interested candidates please apply with resume+application direction+application position to the School of Environment, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,


Mr. Yuan

Tel: 86-21-54741065

Address: Room 126, Environmental Science Building, No.800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

The college receives resumes all year round, and regularly organizes selection and evaluation.