In response to the nation’s requirements on the “Double First Class” initiative (the World-Class University and First-Class Disciplines Construction), SJTU’s internationalization tactic, and its own pursuit of excellence, SESE promotes relevant works actively and has accomplished the comprehensive cooperation with top universities in the world. Now, SESE has established long-term stable cooperation relationships with regard to scientific research and education with over 10 world-famous universities including Stanford Uni., Uni. of Waterloo, Uni. of Leeds, Uni. of New South Wales, National Uni. of Singapore, and NIES (National Institute for Environmental Studies), as well as international organizations like UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

Drawing on the successful experience of other colleges and universities both at home and abroad, SESE has managed to actualize the construction of a multiform cultivation model for international talents in an innovative way which entails close cooperation with these famous organizations in aspects of dual degree programs, joint training programs, short-term and long-term exchange programs, summer programs, bilateral conferences and so on. According to an official survey, near 42% of SESE students have the opportunity to take part in these programs. What’s more, the leading program, Collective Action of Mobility Program of University Students, has been entitled one of the pilot programs of CAMPUS Asia (Collective Action of Mobility Program of University Students) by the Ministry of Education.

In addition to the interchange between students, SESE pays specific attention to academic exchanges in the form of international conferences and symposiums among scholars to make itself more influential around the world. Each year SESE receives over 200 foreign guests, and sends more than 100 teachers and students abroad on average, about 10% of which are invited to attend international conferences. Furthermore, the symposiums it holds every year outnumbers 10.

With the mission to realize the education-research combination rapidly and to provide better service for more people, SESE aims to build up grand international platforms and co-construct internationally advanced joint laboratories with the nationwide and worldwide aid of famous colleges and universities, laboratories as well as enterprises. It turns out that the collaboration on palm oil mill effluent zero discharge treatment system works effectively in Malaysia, which drew great attention of local media and was awarded 2015 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards by Malaysia, Palm Oil Industry Award and Sustainable Technology Award by IChemE, and International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2015 by European Society for Quality Research. Besides, the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities (E2S2) sponsored by NRF (National Research Foundation) has been put into verification stage during the construction process of Smart City in both Shanghai and Singapore, based on which SESE co-builds the Joint Research Centre on Environment and Water with NUS (National University of Singapore). In addition, SESE is honored to be one of the members of SINCERE (Sino-European Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency) program to work with foreign research centers of six countries like the UK, France, the Netherlands, German, etc. to advance the development of regional circular economy and the enhancement of resource efficiency.