Traced back to the municipal engineering program set up in 1928, the discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has so far cultivated numerous brilliant alumni such as Gu Kangle, Zhou Wende, Gu Xiasheng, Hu Jiajun, Xu Xiaobai, etc. In September 1999, a school was officially established for this branch, namely the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE). The first three years of the 21st century have witnessed the great progress achieved by SESE as it was approved to establish environmental engineering doctorate program in 2001, environmental engineering master program in 2002, and the first level discipline doctoral program of ESE in 2003. After two decades of rapid growth on the basis of other disciplines of SJTU like engineering, management, and medicine, SESE has developed its own superiority in the nationwide field of environmental science, and now is one of the most influential institutions of education and scientific research in the worldwide field of environmental science and engineering.

About SESE

About the School of Environmental Science and Engineering

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Founded in 1999 583 Students: 241 undergraduate students, 321 graduate students, 15 international students 100+ faculty

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Job Opportunities